Compare your PUBG stats with your friends and streamers like Shroud

Use this PUBG leaderboard site to see your all time career stats in a sortable leaderboard with your friends and popular streamers.

Tim Mendez
2 min readAug 3, 2018 allows you to add players from any region and any game mode together to see aggregated and total stats for the players compared against each other. It even allows you to compare Xbox players with PC players!

Some streamers and top players

If you play PUBG on Xbox and want to see how your longest kill compares to shroud’s and DrDisRespect’s you can view that here

Xbox player compared to shroud and DrDisRespect

This is a great way to view PUBG statistics for Xbox and PC, you can see total kills, vehicle kills, suicides, assists, weapons acquired per match, and more!

Here’s a direct link to view your stats against these streamers:

A bunch of streamers you can compare to!